The small corner of the world in which our story begins consists of two main islands. Eona is the largest island and is home to humans, elves, half-elves, Halflings, shifters, and tieflings. There are also a few small settlements of gnomes and dwarves in the mountains along the west coast.

The humans, elves, and half-elves all have the primary territories in which they reside, but interact freely and without conflict. The shifters largely keep to themselves in their territory of woods, plains, and hills in southern Eona. While humans tolerate the shifters, they essentially think the shifters are weird but not necessarily dangerous. The elves are more tolerant of shifters, understanding their connection with nature. Tielfings, however, are un-liked by both humans and elves. The races of the continent are past the petty civil wars of the past, but the tieflings are generally considered bad news. Therefore, tieflings stay in their small territory in the south, where they have been shoved after a hundred years of prejudice. There are not many of them left, but the tiefling territory is densely populated.

The halflings enjoy the company of their own kind, most of them not caring to travel outside their small, randomly scattered towns on the plains and hills lands. They are largely ignorant of the world around them. Dwarves are very scarce but present in the mountains. The scarcity of the dwarves makes good plate armor rare in Eona. A very small populace of gnomes populates a small area on the eastern edge of the mountains, journeying into hill lands on occasion. Gnomes and shifters get along.

The stormy, rocky Passage of Pizaria separates Eona and Norin, making travel across the passage rare. Few people know what resides on the few islands between the two larger islands.

Norin is populated by large races, primarily dragonborns and goliaths. Half-orcs would also not be out of place. Gnomes are held in strict servitude on Norin. They are mistreated but do receive a small wage for their services. The few gnomes present on Eona originally came from Norin.