The Third and Forth Day (notes)

Went to Roar. Asked shifter bartender girl about pendant, she gets excited and yells about it to main larger egotistic shifter bartender. He punches out and takes them upstairs to a new office. Tells them they’re in over their heads. Fight. Vharia helps, Meric hops out a window. They kill bartender. Find symbol of burnt tattoo in shoulder, some gold. Vharia finds 87 gold in desk and wipes bloody swords off on Velenae’s cloak. Vharia buys hide armor. Sells trinkets from the drake in Day 1. Velenae asks merchant about pendant – once a tracking pendant, remnants but not active now.

Go to Greyacre. A merchant, Guerik, killed – traveling rich merchant killed on edge of town, higher class stuff raided out of cart. Go to investigate. He was stabbed through with sword, money on him. Nothing much left in cart. Go back to tavern and sleep. Woman Halfling has Ochre Jelly in her storage. They attack it, it splits in two, they kill it. Get paid. Go to Knoll. Ask bartender about men. She points to one in corner. He’s all sorts of drunk. He says he’s a mercenary, on road trip with buddies, kills trolls and werewolves and infestations and a dragon once. Not much work lately. Friends not here. Velenae shows him “family heirloom,” the pendant. He leads them outside. Asks to see their arms. Vharia grabs him from behind. They poke him and take his weapons. He gets out. Grab him again, poke him till dead. Symbol on his arm and gold. Ask about a river or something to the bartender. Drag the body there. Fire beetle near river munches on body, then attacks. They kill. Through both bodies in river. Go back to inn.



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