The Second Day

While Velenae and Nyx sleep, Vharia attempts to break into their room at the inn. After some trouble with the old and unused wooden blinds, Vharia’s struggle to break in wakes Velenae. Vharia eventually succeeds in entering the room and Velenae and Vharia fight. After a few attacks at each other, Nyx wakes up and joins the fight in the small and cramped room. Nyx runs out of the room to find help, since she and Velenae are no match for Vharia. Meric, a halfling rogue sleeping in a room across the hall, is woken by the sounds of the fight and exits his room to investigate just as Nyx comes running down the hall. They both return to the first room and attempt to talk Vharia out of fighting. Vharia asks only to join their quest and claims he knows the meaning of the pendant. The others do not believe him and refuse his request. Vharia knocks Velenae unconscious, jumps through the window, and disappears into the night.

Dussen, a shifter rogue passing the inn, witnesses Vharia’s escape and comes to investigate. In the meantime, Nyx manages to wake Velenae. Dussen joins the party and they head to town before the sun rises. They find the small town market and raid all but one stall. Dussen collects rope and similar objects, while the others obtain half-assed weapons and attempt to keep Nyx away from a stall that holds a few bottles of an unknown alcohol. Nyx manages to find and raid the alcohol stall before they begin to head out of the market. From the other end of the market, they hear voices of approaching merchants come to open their stalls for the day. The party manages to avoid detection, continue heading out of town, and Dussen departs from the party.



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