The First Day

Drendel (human), Nyx (gnome), and Velenae (half-elf) find themselves in a small town on the East side of the Rylle Mountains in the early evening. While enjoying the local ale at a tavern, Velenae notices a rather harried goliath sneak his way out of the building. Knowing the rarity of goliaths in Eona, Velenae follows the goliath. Before she reaches the door, three large and mean looking humans make their way outside. Meanwhile, the small and inebriated Nyx follows stands (precariously) to follow her new companion. Drendel grudgingly leaves his ale as well.

Velenae exits the tavern and hears a sound coming from the alleyway next to the tavern. She rounds the corner in time to see the goliath stabbed through the torso by one of the humans, who then quickly depart from the other end of the alley. Nyx and Drendel arrive in time to follow Velenae down the alley to the side of the dying goliath. The goliath hands Velenae a pendent on a short loop of leather. It is fired black clay with a blood red symbol. Velenae can’t ignore the fresh goliath’s blood coating the item. She also recognizes the uneven brown color of dried blood underneath. The goliath says, “find Farin. It’s happening again” before dying.

The threesome immediately recognize the name Farin. Drendel knows only the history behind the name: Farin was a half-elf who was very influential in the war between the tieflings and the rest of Eona 150 years ago. Velenae knows the history, as well as a few legends that suggest Farin may have married and procreated, or perhaps saved a princess in a far-off land and became king. Nyx, as a bard, knows all the tales of the old half-elf. He may have died at the end of the war, taking a particularly mean teifling leader with him. Perhaps he went traveling and never came back. Maybe his travels involved war, more heroism, and a return to Eona. Some even say he was lost at sea. Nyx loots the goliath for gold while Drendel stands by, mute and stoic.

Meanwhile, Vharia, a half-elf, sits in the back of the tavern the party had just left. He hears a thump against the outside wall near his head and decides it’s time to go find something more interesting than ale to occupy his time. He leaves the tavern to investigate the noise and finds the party in the side alley. Unnoticed by the threesome, Vharia sees the bloody pendent and the dead goliath before climbing the to top of a nearby shop to watch the proceedings.

Nyx, Drendel, and Velenae decide the ask around, curious about the vague last words of the goliath and the humans who killed him. They go to the nearest shop, owned by an over-eager Halfling merchant. After come intimidation on Drendel’s part and the purchase of a high quality brown cloak by Velenae, the hafling can only attest to seeing the three humans follow the goliath into the alleyway. The party leave the shop and head down the main street.

Vharia listens the entire encounter and moves to follow them. He notices a small assortment of shiney objects in the alley below and jump down the investigate them. The few misplaced gold pieces he finds are soon being pulled from his hands by a Spiretop Drake, while Velenae notices from the mouth of the alley. She rushes to help and the pair kill the drake. Vharia climbs onto the top of a nearby building and manages, after some difficulty, to find the drake’s nest and the absurd amount of gold within. By this time, Nyx has doubled-back to find Velenae standing alone in an alley with the carcass of a spiretop drake.

Drendel loses the two females and checks into the inn above the tavern for the night.

Velenae and Nyx leave the small town and head East, in search of the information the halfling merchant was unable to give. Before getting far, however, Velenae notices Vharia following the two. She chases him through a few outlying buildings, demanding half the money Vharia (probably) found in the drake’s nest. Vharia denies her the demanded half and flees into the town. Velenae returns to Nyx and they continue down the road.

The pair run into two swarm rats. Unable to find a way around them, they challenge and kill the rats. Reaching the next town, Velenae and Nyx check locate an inn and rent a room for the night. Before retired, Nyx asks the bartender about the humans, goliath, and Farin. The bartender denies seeing any goliaths, may have seen one abnormally mean looking human pass through two days previously, and has heard plenty of folktales about Farin.

Vharia, having followed the two across the countryside, sneaks into a upstairs room in the same inn. He manages to avoid detection by the couple having sex in the room, but is recognized by Velenae in the hallway. She chases him back into the room and he heads for a window. This time, he does not escape detection from the couple but jumps out the window (landing in horse piss), before the shocked and angry man could make a move. Velenae, unnoticed, sneaks back out the door. Vharia rents a room for the night and all three players retire.



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