The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Days (notes)

On way to Next to find Nyx. 2 gnomes sad and scared – thing picked of them off already. Going to find their old master in Over, who they heard was dead. They go with party to Next and find Nyx outside the inn. They stake camp between Over and Next since first gnome was attacked outside a camp the gnomes had staked. Velenae only one wouldn’t fit under gnome’s lean-to. Keeping watch. Hears thing circling camp in the tall grass. Wakes Nyx and Meric and then goes to investigate with a lighted torch from the campfire. Attacked by an owlbear. Throws torch at it and lights grass on fire, which spreads as they fight. Kill owlbear. Nyx wakes gnomes to help stamp out fire. They succeed with minor damage. Go back to bed.

In morning, gnomes thankful and tell about goliath master. Wants to find Farin or at least his journal. Heading to half-elves territory. Came home one night covered in wounds and blood, with the bloody pendant. Promised them freedom in Eona if they man a wind-powered boat to Eona. Then heard he died, decided to see if true since he has been kind to them for the last few weeks (Jubal hates him, Merizle loves him).

Head to Whitepond. On way, run across pile of Kobold bodies. A kobol attacks them, they attack back. He cries and claims two large men killed them (they ambushed and were killed). All Kobold’s friends died. They comfort him and continue on.

Greyacre for lunch, bartender woman still grateful for killing the Jelly. Give them free lunch. Just heard mayor of Over (a human) was killed a few days ago. Avoiding Roar at all costs.

Whitepond. Pub. Everyone happy. Halfling bartender woman very gossipy. Said Halfling so-and-so and halfing so-and-so are romantically involved. Have lunch, Nyx plays flute and makes money. Near dusk, rumors of a committee member injured. Later, he died. Nyx flutes/diplomacies them into happiness and info. Find healer woman. She leads them to body in the back room. Says Garrett and Michael brought him in. Leave. Velenae knocks again and ask last words. Says about family and “sorry.” Garrett and Michael next lighted house – twins, cheery, drunk. Dead halfling’s name is Luther. Sister and parents long dead of natural causes. Point them to Luther’s house next door. Orderly and clean – no blood or signs of struggle. Door was unlocked. Go back over to brothers’ house. Michael answers door. Ask about no blood or struggle. Says found him in street holding his wounds and crying for help. Took him to healer. Went back home to drink. Garrett comes out between Luther’s and their houses. Nyx tries to sleep in Luther’s house, Velenae says no. They struggle, Nyx stabs V a few times. They go to inn. V and Maric in a tall room, Nyx in a short room (got own cuz pissed at V).



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