The Eighth and Ninth Days (notes)

Whitepond – ask healer woman (hand’s have blood on them- fixing a young boy’s cut in the back). Says Luther was stabbed a few times. Go to pub and find a committee member. He’s sad over Luther’s death and said he doesn’t have any enemies. Go to Otherplace. Otherplace’s pub called “The Bub” older mean looking male bartender, has a big axe for being a hafling. Puts axe in bar as Vharia flicks him off on the way out. Nothing of interest in Otherplace. On way to And, run into half-elf traveler (Mordin) with a wagon and horses. Nyx diplomacies them all into his wagon, Vharia sneaks on. Through And – humans, halflings, a few half-elves, a little bigger. Yorn, stop for food. Large and dirty. Tavern has a 20charisma young human male bartender. Louis, George, Arnold scuffling over Laurine – merchant’s daughter from 2nd street, something about a necklace. Mordin needed good stuff from Guerik, decided to visit his while he was staying in Fairwolf. They say they’re seeing the sights, he believes. Buy drinks and big meals. Toast to Geurik and lost friends. Nyx plays, gets more ale, shifter with 8 instruments joins. Makes 150g (also in town an elven accapella group and halflings on gourds and sheep skin instruments). After like 2 ½ hours, continue to Freywick. Get there around 9:30pm. Meric and see it’s a nicer town, can smell ocean. He invites them to stay in his larger house with stables.

Nyx mocks Vharia, he tries to attack her. Mordin locks him out. Vharia climbs up to 2nd floor and sees a painting of a half-elf battling a large tiefling through the second/middle back window. Sees the candles go out in the guest room on the front corner of the house. Tries to pry window. Mordin catches via protection spells. Asks what Vharia’s doing with them – caretaker, just have that relationship. Leaves weapons in hall, Meric lets him in. Vharia takes Nyx’s sword (sleeping under the bed). Sneaks into bed next to Meric.

Meric to Vharia: “dude, you are seriously creepalicious.”

Mordin wakes then up to “breakfast,” cook/servant with big breakfast. Tells Vharia to get breakfast at the inn. V goes to stables. Asks stable boy about livestock. Stable boy (half-elf adolescent male) tells him a woman is in that business. V goes and eats breakfast. Mordin married to Nahala. She comes to breakfast. Asks about Nyx’s and Meric’s quest. Nyx mentions Farin. Nahala gets pissed and leaves. Mordin also a little pissed. Nyx tells him their story and being “entrusted with a quest” and shows the pendant. He gets excited, takes them to his study (one chair that they share). He is Farin’s son. He came home after journeys and had a family and died. Opens a heavily magically protected hidden drawer in the wall and pulls out the journal – big, dirty, old, leather-bound. Written in common/elven, then abyssal w/some pics of the symbol, then common/elven again for last few pages. He hasn’t been able to find anyone who can read it on Eona. Puts them on the quest – gives then a half-sheet copied of abyssal from a page with the symbol. Takes them to the inn, run into Vharia on the way. Gets an obligated human to give them a ride to Moor with his donkey and cart.

Get attacked by a waith about an hour from Moor. Another pops up. They kill both. Everyone in Moor suspicious. Bartender woman says first waith attack was a little northeast of Moor, more since then, now all around town. Not as far as other towns. Moor not along main roads to other places, noone wants to leave. Nyx buys human drinks, Vharia and Nyx/Meric get rooms for the night.



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