Day Ten

Vharia volunteers, smirking, to go retrieve Velenae from Whitepond while Nyx/Meric investigate. Nyx/Meric head to Redbridge. Fight a 5L ghoul. Back to Moor. Velenae finds them. Meric heals up with food and bath. Go find magic vender behind inn a bit – Lariin (Lareen). She likes them, many people buying protection amulets, most business in a while. Giving them discounts to help the attitudes and auras in her town. Nyx buys necklace that adds +3 damage to arcane attack for 250gp. Adverts a cloak of resistance for 500gp, also frost weapon for 550gp. Meric buys 1 healing potion for 40gp, adds 15HP. Nyx asks about magic from Redbridge – she feels necromantic magic for the last two weeks from that directions. They head to Redbridge. Kill a wight and a choker outside of town, and a basilisk in the town. Town beaten up, empty of civilized life. Reach interior. Filled with wights, skeletons, a manticore, a hag, and the lich. Nyx roles 48 bluff. Says her goliath master was trying to find someone, handed her the amulet and told her to find someone. Convo = lich wants to unify and educate Eona, his followers are a little overexcited, Farin and he used to disagree and he’s not worried. Could use a bard to convince Eona of his good intentions. Nyx promises to spread the word he is good and means well. Says they need the symbol on body for communication – can hear/talk through it (Lich initiates) and like GPS. Also can sense things through it – feelings, danger, etc. Convince him people would fear it, with the attacks. Agree on amulets – another person touches, hurts the owner. Gives them two weeks before requiring a visit from them again. Will have proof of their success from his other followers, then will rediscuss the symbol thing.

On way back to Moor. Respect, look-up-to looks from a skeleton and a wight. Almost to town after dusk. Find themselves on an island, an eladrin in front of them. Says she is impressed, through they wouldn’t live through that. And that lich can’t sense or hear anything here.



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